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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  February 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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called protect the children. >> for my grandchildren. i want to keep the world safe for them and guns is not the way to do it. we need to get them off the streets. >> congresswoman jackie spear said nothing will get in the way of new legislation. >> the time has come for us to not let the nra leadership, and other gun organizations, dictate what the american people want. reporter: police expected the program, which began at 10:00 a.m., to last four hours, but after two and a half hours the $52,000 was all gone. that left dozens of disappointed people holding on to their guns. >> i have a rifle and a shot gun i just want to get rid of. i don't need it. reporter: in addition to the $52,000 provided, police say they pitched in an extra $4,000 from grant money they
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had, to provide purchase money for all 355 weapons in palo alto, abc7 news. >> ama: police in palo alto are investigating whether an attempted robbery is related to a series of robberies in the area. happenedder in the webster parking garage around 8:30. the victim says a man rolled up on a bike, pulled a gun, and demand end money. the victim briefly fought with the attacker, and ran away. the police are still looking for the suspect. >> rapper mc hammer claims an insulting question from a dublin police officer led to his arrest thursday night. the oakland native tweeted he was at a shopping center when an officer asked him if he was on probation or parole, then pulled out a gun. hammer was booked on charges of resisting and obstructing an officer in one of many tweets, hammer writes, instead of being bitter i'm taking the opportunity to make this a teachable moment and eye-opener for my many friends and
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colleagues. >> hollywood boulevard is a flurry of activity outside the theater will where the oscars will be held. and our arts and entertainment reporter is live outside the' theater. hi, don, great to see you. >> good to see you as well. i must tell you, the theater is very festive. it's named after the san francisco sound company. they bought the rights for that. the show they're planning they tell us is really going to be a block butter. >> -- blockbuster. >> george has been on the red carp for 20 year covering hollywood, and he says is on the "on the red carpet" show. >> if it's one red carpet you want to be first, it's the oscars. >> and then begin the long walk down this red carpet.
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statues are getting ready to be unveiled. the police will be jammed with women in gowns that will make headlines, men in tuxes, and dreams and vision office the nominees. 10,000 passes have been issued. media from around the world. movies are big business in places like germany. >> we love american movies. we have all the movies you have two months later. >> they're live on tv. >> we're talk neglect nominees and everybody who is hot, who is in, who is out. >> he hers sals underway. >> kelly is the host. we need a mock interview to rehearse the red carpet show. >> won't end when the final winner is announced, live with kelly and michael has a big post oscar program. >> michael strahan will be on the red carpet the night before.
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he have kelly in a position back stage where right when the winners come off we'll be there with another camera. >> ultimately it's about the fans and they showed up here to get a touch of magic. >> a lot of my friends back home i told them i was coming and they were like, take pictures for us. they never get to see this excitement. >> you can't see anything. >> i know, but it's just the feel of being here. it's fabulous. it's hollywood! reporter: all of these acclaimed films in the running and crowd favorites and then you'll meet -- a lot of people may not know who he is but by the time the evening is over he may be a household name. he is the host. and been coming up at 11:00, a couple from san san a moan who were -- san ramon.
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nobody is here but i guarantee you in less than 4 hours from now this place is going to be jammed. we're questioned in along the red carpet tomorrow. live in hollywood, don sanchez, abc7 news. >> ama: thank you, don. to get the full oscar experience, download the official oscars pass. we have a dozen cameras. available for the iphone, the ipad, android, and kindle fire. and while you're watching, join us for the abc7 oscar party on facebook. you and our 95,000 other friends can comment on the fashions and surprises. all you have to do is to like our page. still to come, san francisco is ringing in the new year, and sergio quintana is live at the big parade. reporter: people are lined up along market street, and the parade is in full swing, and i'll have full details on all the cities -- festivities right
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after the break. >> dozen of people injured in a frightening crash at a nascar race and the possible effect on tomorrow's daytona 500. >> hi there, i'm leigh glaser. we had cool temperatures today. tomorrow we'll start to warm up a
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>> ama: happening now. the san francisco chinese new year parade is underway ask the streets are packed. sergio quintana is live. reporter: the parade is in full swing. you can see right there this is the line of people along market street, watching the parade just beyond. that line of people right there is five people deep. there are even some people on their toes trying to get a look. no traditional chinese dragon was among the first to take to the streets at the head of the parade. we just wrapped up the year of the tagon, this parade celebrates the kickoff of the year of the snake. dance troops, marching bands and floats, among the 100 different participants, making it one of the biggest of its kind.
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people come from around the world to watch the event. i talked to a troupe who what in town for the birthday party and discovered the parade on their way back to the hotel. >> it's huge, we can't even get a ride home. we tried to bike ride. couldn't make it through. >> for the birthday you also wanted to see the chinese new year parade. >> i did. it was big, a big place. reporter: they are from dallas and tell me they don't have a chinese new year's celebration resembling anything like this there. the parade just started. it's going to zig-zag through downtown, over to union square, and then wrap up in china town but the proceed just started so suspect traffic to be snarled up for quite a while. reporting live in downtown san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: looks like so much fun. and in redwood city, hundreds of people packed courthouse square to ring in the lunar near -- new
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year. a lions dance kicked off the celebrations. just ahead, the tall ships sail should the bay area. why they're here and how you can gate look. >> another spectacular saturday. look at the view outside. what's ahead for sunday? leigh glaser is up next with the forecast. >> mike: cal and st. mary's inching closer to an ncaa tournament bin. and ryan vogelsong took the hill to kick off giants cactus league
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>> ama: san francisco's water front has two new tall visitors, the lady washington and the steel-hulled hawai'i yap chieftan. people 16 and older can actually learn the art of how to sail a tall ship. the ships will be at the pier through wednesday, and maybe the weather will hold. >> leigh: we had a lot of wind
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today, gusting out of the northwest at 25 miles-per-hour. so nice sailing conditions on the bay today. live doppler 7hd showing you clear sky out there. but check out this gorgeous sunset from our high definition east bay cam. looking at the bay bridge there here's a look at the highs for today. temperatures were held down thanks to the cool breezes. out of the northwest. accept rosa, 60. 63, napa. concord, 60. 57 in san jose. monterey, 54. right now from the high definition roof top camera, beautiful shift of the embarcadero and number are starting to go down, san francisco, 32 right now. 51 in san jose. petaluma, 40s. 54 in live moore, and here's another live look from our mt. tamalpais camera, richardson bay down here, san francisco in the background. clear skies but the camera bobbing as the winds are still gusting. santa rosa, 5 5.
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concord right now, 53. here's a look at the forecast. highlights. we'll go with clear sky. breezy overnight. get ready for more sunshine for sunday. less wind, which means temperatures come up a few more degrees. next week looks terrific. going to feel like spring, especially thursday and friday, with highs climbing close to 70. we'll take that. the wind will die down tonight and that going to mean temperatures coming down a few more degrees. in the north boy, mid-30s, and east bay locations. so look for 40s near the peninsula. le half moon bay, 42 degrees. a pacific satellite showing you that high pressure starting to build in, and check out the storm track. right here as we progress through sunday, monday, tuesday, all of this is going to slide to the north. so we'll remain dry for at least the next five to seven days. each day will warm up. tomorrow will be a sunny sunday.
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and not as windy. now, a lot going on in southern california tomorrow. lots of sunshine for the oscars, los angeles,, 70. 67 for san san sandy eight -- sn diego. here's he highs for sunday. 65 for morgan hill, san jose, 50s at the coast. redwood city, mountain view, mid-60s. in the north bay, temperatures coming up a few more degrees. not as much wind. novato, 64, oakland, 64. hercules, 64. union city, 63. sunshine for san ramon. tears the seven-day forecast. look for temperatures to gradually warm up. and wednesday, thursday, friday, upper 60s to low 70s. by friday.
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terrific. we may see some rain the end of next weekend. >> ama: thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports. can you believe march madness is around the corner. >> mike: since you brought it up we'lltive off with college hoops. that was rehearsed. cal bearing hosted by oregon state. 1-3 in corvallis since 2009. they need to keep the wins coming to a -- for a big dance invite. the huge slam by sol low moment justin cobbs, drains the three in the second half. cal up the. cobbs again, difficult jumper. he had 18. now fourth seconds left. cal by one. starks. beg to throw up a 3. air ball. cal wins their fifth straight. 60-59. improve to 18-9. >> st. mary's, another bubble team, hosting craig d creighton.
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jordan, four points in the game. knocked in the floater, gets the foul. st. mary's improves to 24-5 with 574-66 victory. probably punching their ticket the big dance. >> people recognize a good win, and very visible game, on national television, so all those things i think can be factored -- none of us know for sure, but i know it's a good win. >> mike: the defending world champion giants begin cactus league action with ryan vogelsong on the hill. he pitched two scoreless innings and the giants won. vogel song is one of the ten giant players taking part in the world baseball classic and is looking forward to representing team u.s.a. >> it's going to be fun. one of the cool things about it, guys on the same team during the year get to face each other hopefully, and it would be neat if we can get to the finals in san francisco, they get there,
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and be able to play in front of the fans and get play in front of all the time and get to face each other. it will be a good experience. >> mike: finals here at at&t park. a's in milwaukee. bottom first. ryan braun, he'll represent team u.s.a. homers in his first at-bat this spring. brewers up 1-0. weeks, trying to recapture a spot at second. nice start for the double play but the brewers win. >> let's tee it up at the world golf challenge. the tournament was delayed thursday due to snow. we pick it up with today's quarterfinals. picture perfect day on the course. ian poulter facing steve stricker, check out the putt. reads it perfectly. a little downhill and pours it in. wins the match 3 and 2. moves on to the semis on sunday to face hunter mahan. matt kuchar, defeated robert garrigus 3 and 2. he'll face jason bay who beat
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graeme mcdowell. semis and finals on sunday. >> the the harbaugh brothers are finally speaking to each other. in indy for the combine. ertz, top performer in the weight lifting with 24 reps, 225 pounds. third in the 40-yard dash with the 4.7. he's faster than that. >> daytona 3500. today's nationwide series. fine lap, huge accident. a car goes sailing into the fence, land in the grand stand. 48 fans were injured, taken to the local hospital. tony stewart won the race. you can see from the carnage, hopefully everyone is okay. this should not affect foe daytona 500 which begins sunday at 9:00 a.m. super bowl xi mvp and one of the all-time greats for the raiders, freddy b, celebrated his 70th birthday. drafted by the raiders in '6 5.
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caught 589 passes, 82 touchdowns with the raiders, retired from the nfl in 1978. have a little birthday party in roseville. i couldn't be there, my mentor, and i'm glad to say he is a good friend. sharks on the nice dallas. that's tonight at 11:00. >> ama: flowers from across
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>> join my tonight at 9:00. find out which bay area city was named the sixth most miserable u.s. city to live in. a hint, not one of the big three. then at 11:00 here, an unusual new look at the planet mercury. what the new images say about the planet closest to the sun. something is in the air in san francisco's ft. mason center this weekend. could not get through that. a sweet smell aroma hovering through the pacific orchid exhibition. the largest orchid show in the united states. and we're less than 24 hours away from the cost oscars, you can have a front row seat right here. live coverage begins with 2:00 p.m. with "on the red carpet". the stars arrive at 4:00 on oscar's red carpet live, and the
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academy awards presentations begin at 5:30. afterwards we'll have a recap of the biggest moments and your pass to the afterparties on otrc, and followed by a jimmy kimmel special at 10:00, and then abc7 at 11:00. and don't forget the abc news don sanchez will be live on the red carpet like he was tonight. he'll be there tonight at 11:00 and tomorrow night after the oscars. >> mike: taking him out of retirement just are just for this. >> ama: that's it for us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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